Phase One: Land and Design

On 18 June 2014, GDS became a property owner! We could not have done it without our supporters and their faith that GDS will make a better life for our dogs and future dogs in need with a proper facility. We rush between three locations and have dogs in paid foster care as well. In addition to our three locations, In one direction is our charity shop, in another is one of our vets and even further, in a very distant location, is the hospital where our serious cases needing surgery go. Constantly on the go is a mild understatement. There is no glamour involved with the cycles of poop scooping, vomit cleaning, washing bedding and two times daily feedings. Despite the frustrations with the abuse and abandonment of the dogs, seeing their progress and sending them off healed to forever homes, makes the difference. I know GDS is making a difference. Establishing the Galgos del Sol Education and Rescue Centre will make even more of a difference and have a huge impact on our community not to mention the dogs. Thank you to everyone who is helping to make this a reality. raising money for permits, licenses and utilities.

Thanks to the diligence of our engineer and architect, Jesus Torres Rubio, Progecon Ingenieria, a fair price for bringing electrical and water into the land was confirmed. Through the hard work and loyalty of the GDS supporters who believe in the importance of building a Center, the funds were raised! The funds have been paid and the next step is installation. The next HUGE steps will be the raising the funds for the kennels and building but with all of you behind us, we know we will accomplish what the rescued galgos and podencos deserve. We will be a legally approved sanctuary and education center with all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed. The price for preparing the site and building 100 kennels with facility to expand to 300 and a small facility with a vet’s room is 300,000 euros. We will be sending out an email soon with a breakdown of the budget and naming opportunities. We have to do this for the hounds and the viability of Galgos del Sol. 

The Murcia council has signed off the design, everything is to code and our budget couldn’t be any slimmer without compromising the safety of the facility. We are as barebones as can be while still complying to regulations. Our electricity has been brought into the land (and is paid for) as well as the water (also paid for). Now, we have the very challenging task of raising the funds for a small building and kennels to house 120 dogs. Crowd funders, auctions, e-blast solicitations — we will continue to push on until we have the 300,000 euros to finish Phase I and move all our dogs under one roof. 

One of the major reasons that GDS need a proper centre is to establish a desperately needed volunteer programme. With the amount of dogs we have and the care and socialization they require, we would welcome as many hands as we could get. However, it is just not feasible under our present circumstances for too many reasons to enumerate. The volunteers that we post on our Facebook page have been with us from the beginning, know the routines and have accepted being largely ignored for hours at a time to work on their own, being peed, pooped and vomited on, near starved and made to sleep with mice and eternal night howling. However, until the funds are raised to build our center, we would like to share the musings of Julie Watkinson — we look forward to the day when she can provide an up-to-date GDS Volunteer Booklet for our centre.

Phase Two: The Site Work Begins

Lots of machinery and technicians on the land — the work is underway!

After the cement is poured for the first 30 kennels, the I-bleams, walls and cannistas can begin to be assembled. The kennels are really started to shape during this stage.

Kennels and dividers

Phase Three: Almost There

There has been a rush of activity as our deadline to move the dogs has come on us very quickly. We’ve had some brilliant helpers — Sue Hudson from the UK, Ingeborg & Lenny from Holland, Nina from Austria (here long term), and Sam of Madrid. Just missing in the photo is Julie who has already gone back to the UK & Olga who is the behind the scenes silent assassin but here is the awesome ‘A’ team that have helped us move so smoothly to the New Center! Also, was Jamie Solera and Brian of Ibizan Hound Rescue and his double decker van that help tremendously in moving the dogs. The old temporary kennels have been moved and installed until we can raise the funds for the next kennel block. Water is on, casitas have working electricity and flushing toilets. The first group of dogs have settled in nicely and the fencing has been reinforced. It’s a miracle thanks to all our supporters and donors without whom none of this would have happened. What started out as a glimmer of an idea is now real!

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