Education & Outreach

We are committed to raising awareness through a variety of venues. It’s not enough to rescue and rehome the galgos and podencos, we work continuously to get the word out. Our VIDEOS, BILLBOARD CAMPAIGN and SCHOOL EDUCATION PROGRAM are three of our approaches that reach different audiences in different ways.

Additionally, to help with our constant and burgeoning day to day expenses, we run two charity shops. One is the headquarters for the GDS Education and Rescue Centre. We feel strongly about inviting our local community to learn about the importance of our work and hopefully, they will be interested enough to get involved.


The work we do can be so heartbreaking and relentless that we will use humour as an outlet. We also create videos of the raw side of animal rescue that show our reality and the situations that we face on a daily basis. More of our videos are viewable on our Youtube channel.

Billboard Campaigns

GDS established a public service campaign to promote the plight of the galgos and podencos. Tina’s brainstorm are billboards that cannot fail to be noticed. The first placement was stolen — twice — within days of its installation. Clearly, people are taking notice.

Education Centre

Since the beginning, it has been the goal of GDS to establish an education program in local schools, as well as onsite.

Providing knowledge is key to break the cycle of breeding, misuse and abandonment in a community where the tradition has carried on for generations. The children that we present to are between the ages of 9 and 12 and many of their fathers are galgueros. Tina has always said that once someone meets a galgo, they will fall in love and it is true of children. They have only known galgos as hunting tools and street scavengers, never as family members. Upon meeting a few of our galgos, they are completely enchanted with their gentleness and affection.  ith our new dedicated Education Building (thanks to Greyhounds in Need) and an initial grant to jumpstart the program (thanks to Dogs Trust), we have an active program for kids and teachers to come onsite. They play interactive games, watch demonstrations with the dogs and learn about kindness to animals as well as the history of the galgo. Involving the local community is a massive step towards helping the galgos regain their position as Spanish treasures. 

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