Troy on the day he was rescued.


Date of birth: 12/09/09
Gender: Male

Troy has been at GDS since February 2016.

Troy was the most terrified of the Sensitive Seven who were rescued from a horrendous situation where the animal police were called in to remove dogs kept in miserable conditions. GDS was called on to help and of course we accepted the challenge. Unused to human touch or kindness, the dogs were very skittish at first but are gradually coming around and beginning to seek comfort from the GDS staff. Troy was completely overcome with fear when Tina approached him in the finca where the dogs had been kept. His fear progressed into a full blown panic attack and he had to be hospitalized. Tina and the staff have been working with him steadily to become comfortable with human touch and presence. 

Yes, I am interested in sponsoring or adopting Troy!