Recovering at the Solera’s home

Trinity walking!

Spending time with Granny at the Solera home.

Sharing smiles with Tina!

Trinity in quarantine while recovering

Removing the wrapping to check the external fixator

Trinity’s new hardware

Trinity’s new hardware

Initial exam of the open fracture

Initial exam of the open fracture

Trinity when first rescued on her way to the GDS vet

The hit and run


Date of birth: 02/03/17
Gender: Female

UPDATE: Sadly the leg could not be saved but this little brave miss with the long whiskers is undeterred and doing great as a tripod.

Our timing was just right! Another galgo run over on the motorway and Tina and her daughter Trinity just happened to be passing by when they saw something had happened. They tried not to rubber neck but couldn’t help themselves and that’s when they saw a galgo had been hit. Luckily Tina was wearing her GDS hoodie and could explain to the Guardia Civil who she was and that GDS would like to take the injured dog. Trinity’s leg has been set with an external fixator and she is going great! Contact us for more information.

Yes, I am interesting in sponsoring or adopting Trinity!