Android GrannyPants Ringtone


Android GrannyPants Ringtone


We are asking for a mere donation of $5.00 for the original GrannyPants theme song composed by DM for The GrannyPants Blog. Imagine being reminded of GrannyPants every time your phone rings!

To add ringtone on Android Phone:

Download the ringtone on your computer. Beware : choose the android file !

Connect your phone with usb cable.

1. Connect your Android phone to your computer using the micro USB to USB cable.

2. If you are using a PC, you will see an installation bubble pop up in the bottom right of your screen. Wait for the computer to successfully complete installation.

3. The critical step: On your Android phone, pull down the notification window (aka "windowshade") and tap USB connected.

4. A notification window will appear. Tap Mount. Your phone will enter USB storage mode.

5. Find the removable storage drive. On a PC, navigate to My Computer and look for a new removable storage drive. On a Mac, the drive will appear on your desktop.

6. Drag-and-drop the desired file(s) to the drive.

7. In your phone's notification window, tap Turn off USB storage. Unplug your phone and you're all set!

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