The GDS Sponsor a Hound program is an opportunity for supporters to set up monthly donations which helps us hugely. Not ready to adopt yet? Then the next best thing is a virtual adoption through our sponsorship program!

Many of the dogs that we rescue need months of care and rehabilitation. Often their injuries are severe and require multiple surgeries and special foods that may be necessary long-term. Some of our dogs will be lifelong GDS residents due to fear of humans or the severity of their physical limitations. 

Sign up and you will be emailed a thank you certificate with a photo of your chosen dog. Keep in mind that this is also an excellent gift option and we will customize your message for a holiday or birthday!

You decide the amount you’d like to give each month and the name of the dog you’d like to sponsor. Please view our dogs to see who tugs at your heart. Too many to choose from? We'd be happy to pick for you.

To make a recurring donation, select a button below. The three left buttons launch our Paypal page and there is a box to check for "recurring payments" next to the field where the currency amount is entered. Then, please add the dog's name in the "leave note to seller" field. We also have a credit card option. Use our form for questions.

Once you have chosen a dog, please join our Galgos del Sol — Behind The Scenes page for updates on all the sponsor dogs!

PLEASE NOTE: We have four buttons, one for US donations where we are a 501c3 and provide tax donations, one for the UK, one for any other county and one for major credit cards. 

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