Date of birth: 25/07/18
Gender: Male

Quince is available for adoption through Fast Friends Greyhound Adoption in New Hampshire. For information, please contact Sharron Thomas.

UPDATE: Quince is in a foster home in Rochester, NY with another galgo, a pug, a whippet and a cat. He loves sleeping in bed, cuddling and playing with the other animals. He is a super affectionate and adorable boy.

Quince is a stunning boy who is sweet and great with other dogs. A small galgo, he is similar in size to a whippet. Quince is one of nine babies born to lovely mum Sorbet. A challenging rescue, Sorbet was heavily pregnant living on the streets but luckily had a few days to relax before giving birth to her big brood. Sadly five pups passed from parvovirus but the remaining four puppies are heathy and happy.