Rico’s first day at GDS with volunteer Marc.


Date of birth: TBD
Gender: Male

We are so pleased we have been able to take in Rico and hope he will be on his way soon to his forever home. Rico was lucky, a very kind woman rescued him and kept him until GDS has room. These are her words “When I first saw Rico, a goat man was throwing rocks at him. It took me a week to get him to allow me to touch him but he was eating the food I put out. He had cuts on the back of his hind legs and a healing wound on the pad of his left front paw. He still limps sometimes from this. He was extremely thin but by the time I took him to the vet he wouldn’t go near the car at first , he weighed 12 Kilos, the had his first vaccination on 26th Sept and was worried. The vet thought he was about 1 and a half years old. He was also treated for a UTI. He has to be encouraged to drink water as I don’t think he has much access to water after he was abandoned by Hunters Now he is extremely affectionate with me and will let other people touch him, but he always more wary of men. I would have loved to have kept him but I have four elderly dogs who wouldn’t tolerate a youngster. He is actually the 13th dog abandoned near where I live since we moved here. He comes to a whistle, has a heart of gold and will make a very lucky owner the most loyal of companions. He likes other dogs and has a healthy respect for cats after an encounter with the village feral Tom. Thank you Galgos Del Sol for taking him into your care and I’m sure you will find him his forever home soon.” — Anna McKenzie

Yes, I am interested in sponsoring or adopting Rico!