Date of birth: 12/04/17
Gender: Female

Moolyn is in foster in the UK and is ready for adoption.

Moolyn is now a teenage girl and would benefit from training classes to channel her energy and intelligence. Shy at first, she is very devoted once she trusts you will snuggle right up. Moolyn is really playful with toys and wants an owner to join in her games, she also loves going for walks and stretching her long legs.  Moolyn would rather live in a home without young children and would be happy as an only dog or living with a confident dog. MooLyn is one of ten puppies born at GDS to mum MooPod. who was heavily pregnant when rescued from the streets. The pups had a difficult start so Moolyn will need that experienced adotper.

Yes, I am interested in MooLyn!