Date of birth: 03/06/17
Gender: Female

Milagro is making progress! She goes out into the exercise yard as well as for walks and gets very excited about it. One back leg is still not working perfectly but she's on the right road. She loves other dogs, shy around men.

Milagro (Miracle) was only ten months old when she became very sick. With a high fever, her galguero took her to his vet who said it was likely she wouldn't make it through the night.  Milagro did survive, but was paralyzed. Her galguero fed her soup and easy meals as well as tried medication but with no improvement, he reached out to GDS for help.  We brought her to Pet Wellness who upon examination believes that the paralysis may have been caused by the tick borne disease ehrlichia. Milagro is almost ready to continue her work in a forever home. Any donations towards her care would be hugely appreciated. 

Yes, I am interested in sponsoring or adopting Milagro!