2018 Christmas Advent Calendar. Lucas was rescued from the streets with leishmania and epilepsy. He’s undergone lots of tests so we have him on the right medication and he’s doing well. He desperately needs a home with someone that’s looking to make a huge difference to a needy dog, someone that’s patient and understands how important his medication is. Lucas is a loving boy that shouldn’t be living in a refuge... he deserves a home to call his own.”


Date of birth: 15/06/15  
Gender: Male

Lucas has been at GDS since July 2017.

UPDATE: Lucas has had no more seizures since starting the meds. He’s starting to look like the Lucas we used to know but his co-ordination is still lacking. We would love Lucas to find a home with someone that understands his needs as an epileptic dog. He’s a sweet loving boy that gets on great with other dogs and loves people.

We have terrible news for Lucas. He has had a series of epileptic seizures — horribly frightening. We've never had a dog with epilepsy before and are so concerned for him. He is being treated so it will be a wait and see until his medications are balanced.

Lucas was found on the streets with Leah. Together they became friends and helped each other survive which wasn't hard as both were smart enough to find a golf course filled with holiday makers that fed them. Lucas is a sweet dog who loves people and loves other dogs.

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