Date of birth: 02/02/12
Gender: Male

UPDATE: Walks beautifully on a lead and gets on great with all humans. Needs more work on socializing with males but with females he's great.

Ligero was handed in by his Galguero in early March. His Galguero searched high and low to find a vet that would put him to sleep for the minimum amount of money possible. One of the vets gave him our information leaflet. He still had to donate money to help towards Ligero's care. As the vet explained to him, he had some money to kill him so why not hand it over to keep him alive. He did. Total indifference to whether he was alive or dead but the good thing for Ligero is he's here with us now! He can be a little dominant but if living with a female, no problems.

Yes, I am interested in Ligero!