Janus appears in this video!



Date of birth:  10/04/14
Gender: Female

Janus has been at GDS since March 2017

UPDATE: Janus was taken to the Solera home to join Tina’s pack for a bit and what a difference! It just further confirms to us how much these dogs need to be in homes. The GDS kennels can be too much for some dogs. While still shy, she joins in with the other dogs on the couch and is very interested in everything is going in the home. She explores the house and is easily approached by Tina. We are confident that in an experienced home with confident dogs, Janus will bloom.

Janus was found living rough very close to a roadway with her companion Patricia and Patricia's five pups. She is extremely terrified and presently using her safety place within her kennel to feel secure. For months we thought Janus was a boy as she would not let anyone near her. She now goes out into the exercise area with her roommates and enjoys romping with them.

Yes, I am interesting in sponsoring or adopting Janus!