Janus appears in this video!


Date of birth:  10/04/14
Gender: Female

UPDATE: Janus has been hiding in her safe place for the last few months but FINALLY she's out and actually learning to enjoy herself. Sometimes she forgets to be scared then she has to remind herself to be scared again... we love watching the scared dogs' progress, and for Janus, this is a huge step! Well done Nomi. Nomi has been working with Janus under the watch and advice of Lynda from Taylor Made Dog Training. We are seeing such wonderful improvements in many of the very frightened arrivals!

Janus was found living rough very close to a roadway with her companion Patricia and her five pups. She is extremely terrified and presently using her safety place within her kennel to feel secure.

Yes, I am interesting in sponsoring or adopting Janus!