Date of birth: 01/11/17
Gender: Male

Guapo was rescued from the streets in November 2018 when he escaped from his owner. He was sighted running terrified on the motorway. After we managed to catch him and discovered he was chipped, we contacted the owner and to inform him that this dog (which he only had for one day) was not ready to be in their home. Guapo had been given as a gift by a Galguero to this family for their young children. We immediately assessed that he is fear aggressive and will attack if forced. He also pees himself if one looks at him and climbs the walls if anyone goes near him. We could only see this going terribly wrong. We offered to bring him into GDS for rehabilitation and socialization and suggested they should find a dog more fitted and safer for their young children. With the help of our solicitors we fought hard to keep Guapo and underwent court proceedings. In the end, an agreement was met and the owner acquiesced that Guapo needs serious help. The family have since adopted a more companionable dog for their children. Guapo is now officially in our care and we thank the owner for giving him the chance to be rehabilitated properly.

Yes, I am interested in sponsoring or adopting Guapo!