Land Owners!

Today, 18 June 2014, GDS became a property owner! We could not have done it without our supporters and their faith that GDS will make a better life for our dogs and future dogs in need with a proper facility. At present we have over 100 dogs, mostly galgos but several podencos and mixed breeds that we could not ignore and leave to suffer. We rush between three locations and have dogs in paid foster care as well. In addition to our three locations, In one direction is our charity shop, in another is one of our vets and even further, in a very distant location, is the hospital where our serious cases needing surgery go. Constantly on the go is a mild understatement. There is no glamour involved with the cycles of poop scooping, vomit cleaning, washing bedding and two times daily feedings. Every day is Ground Hog Day. Would we give this up? Absoutely NOT! Despite the frustrations with the abuse and abandonment of the dogs, seeing their progress and sending them off healed to forever homes, makes the difference. I know GDS is making a difference. Establishing the  Galgos del Sol Education and Rescue Centre will make even more of a difference and have a huge impact on our community not to mention the dogs. Thank you to everyone who is helping to make this a reality. Next steps? Phase II which involves raising money for permits, licenses and utilities.