Moving In!

There has been a rush of activity as our deadline to move the dogs has come on us very quickly. We've had some brilliant helpers — Sue Hudson from the UK, Ingeborg & Lenny from Holland, Nina from Austria (here long term), and Sam of Madrid. Just missing in the photo is Julie who has already gone back to the UK & Olga who is the behind the scenes silent assassin but here is the awesome 'A' team that have helped us move so smoothly to the New Center! Also, was Jamie Solera and Brian of Ibizan Hound Rescue and his double decker van that help tremendously in moving the dogs. The old temporary kennels have been moved and installed until we can raise the funds for the next kennel block. Water is on, casitas have working electricity and flushing toilets. The first group of dogs have settled in nicely and the fencing has been reinforced. It's a miracle thanks to all our supporters and donors without whom none of this would have happened. What started out as a glimmer of an idea is now real!