Date of birth: 08/02/09
Gender: Male

Galan has been at GDS since January 2014

Galan is a powerful galgo cross (mostly galgo) that needs patience and an experienced home. He had to be darted to be caught and had a chain embedded so deep into his neck that we don’t know if it was an attempted hanging that went wrong. His skin had started to grow over the chain and he was in horrible pain. He would have eventually died from infection had we not caught him. Galan clearly had a terrible life before his rescue so we hope that he will catch the interest of someone that can change his life for the better. He loves walking on a lead and can be re-homed nicely with a strong female. We don't see Galan doing well with other males but is currently kenneled with NanaBanana whom he loves and takes care of. He's a sweet gentleman of a galgo that is now really confident with people.

Yes, I am interested in sponsoring or adopting Galan!