Fuzzpants appears in this video!

Bringing Fuzpants to the GDS vet



Date of birth:  10/06/09
Gender: Male

UPDATE: FuzzPants is fully recovered from his skin infection and is looking amazing! 

Upon getting a call from a vet that someone brought in a podenco in horrendous condition that would probably have to be put down, Tina couldn't get over to see the dog for herself fast enough. Fuzzpants had been found by the side of the road malnourished, covered with ticks and fleas, sarcoptic mange and feet so badly injured that he could not walk. Tina immediately brought him to the GDS vet for evaluation and although positive for leishmania, his kidneys were not affected. After a medicated bath and a new coat to keep him warm, Fuzzpants seems very content to share a double kennel with Snuggles, Ines and Grantham. He is happy to have human visitors and loves lying in the sun. We have high hopes that Fuzzpants will make a full recovery.  

Yes, I am interesting in sponsoring or adopting Fuzzpants!