Bubba appears in this video!



Date of birth:  03/12/16
Gender: Female

UPDATE: Bubba had a good night at the Solera residence. She slept through the night with Mana and Odín good as gold. She has not tried to climb the outer fence to escape, quite the opposite she loves being with the people in the house. If you were to the leave the house and leave her outside there is a good chance she would climb to follow you so she would need to be safely indoors when you leave. Even better a wooden fence or wall as she doesn’t seem to jump it’s more the ability to have foot holes to climb. She loves the kids and has been trying to help my Brandon Solera do his homework from plugging in the computer to watching what he types. The funny thing with Bubba is she took a while to get used to the stairs, she can climb a 8ft chain link fence but couldn’t get down the stairs 😂. She is a little clown really, so funny and charming. House training needs work but she’s so bright and curious she will learn quickly. She really will make a wonderful companion. We are not sure about her traveling to the USA as when coming from Gran Canaria she did get out of the flight box so locally or in the EU by road would be safer for Bubba. If you are looking for a fun dog that will hang on your every word and be your best companion this girl is worth considering. She’s adorable!

Bubba and her friend Beanie were rescued from Gran Canaria with the help of Hope for Podencos. She is about a year old, very friendly and sociable with other dogs and with people. A typical pod, she will bring a lot of fun to your home but it won't be without some training and patience on your side.

Yes, I am interesting in sponsoring or adopting Bubba!