Azabache when picked up at perrera.


Date of birth: 17/05/16
Gender: Female

Azabache was dumped at a perrera by her family. Fortunately we were alerted and have brought her into our care. After her customary checkup at our vets and returned to the GDS kennels, we observed her shaking. We knew that she had been vaccinated as a puppy for distemper but brought her back to the ensure that there was no active disease. It seems that she has a permanent twitch as a result of an early case of distemper that worsens when she is stressed. Presently Azabache is with the Soleras. What she needs is a caring home that will offer her peace and quiet. A very shy girl who is only around three years old, Azabache will need a local home as travel will be too stressful. Please contact us for information.

Yes, I am interesting in sponsoring or adopting Azabache!