2018 Christmas Facebook Advent Calendar. “Alba is a beautiful white Podenca that was found abandoned with her mouth chained so she couldn’t eat. That hasn’t held her back tho because she’s a cuddle bubble snuggle mcfuggle and is ready for a new home. She loves humans and other dogs.”



Date of birth: 01/01/13
Gender: Female

Alba and another podenco were rescued from a horrendous case of cruelty in Valencia that lit up the dog rescue Facebook pages. The two pods were dumped in a empty swimming pool with high walls so there was no chance of their jumping out. In addition, the gravest insult was that they had metal bars, similar to horse bits, inserted into their mouths and tied around their necks. Clearly, someone wanted to make sure that they died a miserable death. Luckily a passerby spotted them and called a local rescue. GDS offer to take Alba as the other pod is staying with the original rescue. Although a bit shy, Alba is adjusting remarkably well. What spirit these dogs have. More info to come.

Yes, I am interested in sponsoring or adopting Alba!