Being comforted by Tina.
Newly arrived to GDS.
Vanilla found by the side of a road.

    Gender: Female
    Breed: Puppy/Teen
    Date of Birth: 20/07/21 
    Date Rescued: November 2021

    UPDATE: It’s been more surgery for Vanilla. It seems that her past operation is working well and with this latest procedure they were able to remove half of the external fixators. It looks like we might have just saved this leg as this was the last chance. Look how big she is now… not a wee pup anymore. This has been quite the journey for this brave girl. More information to come.

    This little sweetie was found after having been run over by a car and left with two broken legs and a broken hip. Vanilla is a survivor and doing well following her surgeries. She has a long ways to go to heal but is tolerating her bandage changes and brightens up when we spend time with her. Overall, Vanilla is great.

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    Application to Adopt VANILLA

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