Where Tina was found.
  • TINA

    Gender: Female
    Breed: Galgo
    Date of Birth: 05/07/21
    Date Rescued: June 2023

    UPDATE: Through the standard blood tests that GDS performs when a dog comes in as well as a followup MRI, Tina was diagnosed with shunt portosistémico, a congenital vascular malformation described as an abnormal communication between two veins. Tina was asymptomatic so the condition was discovered almost by accident. The requirements are a special diet designed for the liver. She could live her entire life without issue. If Tina is offered a home in Spain we would help with future costs should any issue arise. If she has an abroad adoption we would fundraise for medical costs if required. Let’s not have Tina spend her life in kennels… she is just two years old and so sweet.

    Tossed away like trash, Tina is now our treasure. Covered with scars, engorged ticks and a too tight shock collar, it’s no wonder she had given up. Tina is a small girl and a bit shy but coming around. Please contact us for more information.

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    Application to Adopt TINA

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