Initial exam at GDS.
Covered with ticks.
Turning away from the trap.
Reva on the streets.
  • REVA

    Gender: Female
    Breed: Galgo
    Date of Birth: 07/01/18
    Date Rescued: July 2022

    We had trapped two galgos, Reva and a black galga. Totally by surprise, a strange man strode up and starting opening the trap and pushing it over allowing the black one to run out. We couldn’t have been more shocked and angry, we have reported the incident to the police but it is an area that they are hesitant to enter. These dogs were caught in a rough area where breeders do not want the dogs on the loose trapped and resent our involvement. Riva was sick with infection, an inflamed spleen and tick diseases. Riva will learn to trust us in time and her ailments are under treatment. Please contact us for more information.

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