Red's shark teeth!
  • RED

    Gender: Female
    Breed: Podenco
    Date of Birth: 13/10/16
    Date Rescued: October 2022

    UPDATE: Red and Vino came in from the streets together. You might remember Vino had a glass bottle stuck around his neck strangling him. Both are still quite shy with people but extremely bonded. It’s hard to get one out the kennel without the other. They sleep on top of each other all the time and just generally love being next to one another. We know it’s hard to find homes for pairs especially for two scardies but as the video says… could we try? If it’s really not possible then we will of course split them and they will move on but wouldn’t it be amazing if they could find a home together? Please contact us for more information.

    How cute is Red? She’s the girl that helped with Vino, the boy with a glass bottle around his neck. They’d been living rough together and Red was the braver of the two to enter the trap in search of food. Approximately six years old, she’s a happy girl and quite a looker. One of the cutest thing about Red is her huge overbite — she looks like a little shark, just adorable. Please contact us for more information.

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