Packing and netting for healing.
Covered with acid burns.

    Gender: Male
    Breed: Galgo
    Date of Birth: 31/05/19
    Date Rescued: August 2022

    Great news as Phoenix is finally keeping his cone on and last night was the first night he hasn’t torn thru his bandages and wrecked the kennel. We’ve worked hard on his emotional well-being which is as important for the long term recovery of his skin as the work on the skin itself. We are going in the right direction and fast with it. Phoenix was born on the streets we were told, so his lack of wanting to be restricted combined with his pain, insecurity etc has been one hell of a challenge.

    Phoenix, a podenco/galgo cross, is proving quite a challenge keeping calm but we continue to work hard on it. For now he’s sleeping peacefully smothered in special creams for his skin. No touching Phoenix. The cone is basically impossible, any type of restriction and he gets very angry and stressed so we are working on distractions rather than restrictions.

    He’s just a young boy who was found covered in acid eating away at his fur and skin. He’s had some strong pain killers, been bathed with special shampoo and has been creamed and packed with wraps to help heal the skin. There is no doubt how horrendously he was suffering all alone on the streets. How he managed to survived, we don’t know. What’s become of humanity when a sentient being is left to suffer like this? More information to come.

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