• MYLA

    Gender: Female
    Breed: Other Dog
    Date of Birth: 01/02/18
    Date Rescued: June 2021

    UPDATE: Myla is another dog at GDS extremely desperate for a home. She arrived to GDS extremely stressed, she was obsessed with big rocks and this probably developed as she was isolated and stressed in her previous home. She would interact with them and carry them around, playing or attacking them. To save her from hurting herself we gave her balls. Swapping one problem for another is of course not the solution but we didn’t want to take away her coping mechanisms too quickly without a solution. To be honest we are struggling to solve this at the kennels. We are no further forward and we think a home is where she will be able to calm down and start making progress. She needs a home that understands this problem is deeply ingrained and needs understanding and experience on how to change this behaviour in a positive way. Myla is only four years old and is absolutely adorable. Please contact us for more information.

    Mum Myla and pup Hudson were at a finca where we rescued two galgos. We had no idea about these two needing help but on speaking to the owner, he signed them over. He said he’s so happy with Galgos del Sol and wants the dogs to have a great life, it’s what they deserve. Myla and Hudson are just the most adorable dogs — they are full of affection for each other and everyone else! Please contact us for more information.

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