Gender: Female
    Breed: Other Dog
    Date of Birth: 02/03/19
    Date of Arrival: March 2023

    UPDATE: Go Mellow Yellow — she is so ready for a home! Look how well she did whilst being groomed. She was in a home since a puppy and then put in a perrera for biting someone. We can only imagine her surroundings were stressful and that caused her to bite because now she’s just the most fantastic girl. Set this girl up to succeed and you will have the most wonderful companion. She’s approximately four years old and so ready for a home. We are desperate for her to find a home she so deserves… Please contact us for more information.

    Look how far she has come and quite honestly whilst there is never blame and we have no idea of the circumstances we are currently seeing a wonderful dog in action that just loves everybody now.

    HOWEVER… whoever adopts Mellow Yellow will need to advocate for her at all times. Copied from the last post… Mellow is a Chow cross and this is a breed that is known for their aloofness with people that they don’t know as well as their protective nature. This is not a dog that is ever likely to be the social butterfly at a dog park or who will enjoy a walk through a busy town meeting new people. She will need a new family who will be her advocate and who will ensure her safety at all times. This may mean being walked in a muzzle and setting up the home environment so that she has a safe place to be when there are visitors.

    Mellow’s first reaction to people that she doesn’t know is to growl; however, so far, she is able to be won round with the help of a hotdog sausage. She is now going out on walks to the sensory gardens, and she enjoys a good bum scratch from those that she trusts.

    It is essential that new owners take on board that growling is good; it’s Mellow’s way of telling us that she is felling threatened and uncertain. We can then listen to that communication, change the environment and help her to see that everything is okay. Using any kind of punishment, such as e-collars, pronged collars, physical corrections or being shouted at will confirm in Mellow’s mind that she was right to be concerned and if a growl didn’t make the scary thing go away, then she may consider escalating her response to a snap or bite.

    It is likely that Mellow’s new family will need the assistance of a canine behaviourist to help them prepare for her arrival, and to provide a structure to help her settle in to her forever home. We would like to be involved in choosing the behaviourist to ensure the correct techniques are being used to she succeeds. Mellow Yellow is 4yrs.

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    Application to Adopt MELLOW YELLOW

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