Max and Chip enjoying the sensory garden.
  • MAX

    Gender: Male
    Breed: Galgo
    Date of Birth: 01/07/19
    Date of Arrival: February 2022

    Handsome brindle Max started out as a scared boy but he is coming around and enjoying time on the walking program. What a calm and sweet boy he has turned out to be! Max is one of six galgos whose owner planned to PTS. How sad that the owner said we need to understand that they are sports people and the galgos were no good so there was no need to keep them alive. He commented that he was pleased that they will now have a chance at a home and he won’t have to have them killed. Those words left his mouth like it was completely normal. Tina said that she was speechless and was stumped by his callousness. How infuriating that so many hounds are killed because of the hunters rational — that they are sports people and if the dogs aren’t good at their sport… Please contact us for more information.

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