The safe four.

    Gender: Female
    Breed: Puppy/Teen
    Date of Birth: 23/06/22
    Date Rescued: August 2022

    Little mountain pup Makalu is the second most confident pup and that’s because she has been watching her sister Moñtana act like a loony tune having fun. She tried it too and thought great fun when she was tickled. With her first vaccine completed, Makalu’s health looks good and we are accepting inquiries. Please contact us for more information.  

    The team has been out for weeks in brutal summer conditions with traps and cameras to save this litter of starved, skinny babies with swollen bellies discovered in the mountains. It is a three hour trip each way but no one is giving up. Two are left to be saved and four are now at GDS.

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    Application to Adopt MAKALU

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