Another location while on the loose.
On the streets.

    Gender: Female
    Breed: Galgo
    Date of Birth: 24/07/17
    Date Rescued: November 2021

    UPDATE: Maisey Grey is a wonderful confident dog who loves humans and other dogs. Calm and quiet, playful with other dogs, loves her walks and sniffing! She is the sweetest girl! Please contact us for more information.

    Maisey Grey was rescued on the 14/11/21. What happened next was a disaster… she managed to jump two x 2 meter fences, one of which is covered by the trees and something we’ve not had happened before. She wasn’t stressed, she was perfectly happy playing with Morticia and then “seeeee ya”, and she was gone! 

    We’ve been so stressed we can’t tell you. We decided not to publicise to avoid people chasing her and scaring her further and kept an eye on all pages knowing she would be easy to spot as she had a gds collar on. María José HM kept an eye daily on all sightings reported to the Internet and went straight away to check out. That along with others that report directly to GDS we were on her tail for 12 days. She travelled to the other side of Murcia and back. 

    Nomi, María José HM, Karen, Asociacion Vecinos Felinos, Manu, Franciso, even our pool cleaning company were all involved in searching daily and it was Nomi that got the first sighting in Balsicas. She couldn’t believe it. Next she was sighted over 30 miles away across Murcia, then coming back in our direction. All the time we knew it was her because of the collar. Yesterday one of our adopters rang to say a Galgo wearing one of our collars was spotted just outside Roldan, literally a few minutes from us. We all started planning and the trap was set. Yesterday she didn’t go in the trap as was scared off but it was close, so naturally we were frustrated. Today María José did the early shift and Sunday and I joined a bit later. Yes, Sunday is learning to rescue. 

    Everything was set. Maisey Grey showed up and after a small struggle she gave up and went in. She was so hungry. Our relief was huge. We can’t thank everyone enough for helping us on the ground. We were not going to give up until we had her back safe.

    Needless to say… Maisey Grey will only be allowed out on a lead for quite some time. 

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