Catching a nap after playtime!
About to give birth.
April on the streets.

    Gender: Male
    Breed: Puppy/Teen
    Date of Birth: April 2022
    Date of Arrival: April 2022

    Funfair is one of nine pups born at GDS to April. Cracker is one of nine pups born at GDS to April. Poor April was heavily pregnant surviving on her own and living rough. Luckily, she was rescued just in time as she gave birth shortly after arriving. Phew… such relief that she could give birth in the safety of a GDS birthing kennel. We have no clue as to the sire of this family, but we do know that the April Fools are all adorable, sweet and healthy! Funfair is an absolute dream! Please contact us for more information. (Not available for adoption in the UK.)

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    Application to Adopt FUNFAIR OF APRIL

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