Gender: Male
    Breed: Galgo
    Date of Birth: 01/01/19 
    Date of Arrival: February 2023

    This handsome dark black/brown galgo is a pudding — affectionate and congenial! He’s a big boy with exuberant personality, Expresso is a pleaser — he wants to love and be loved. Expresso is one of the lucky 17 who were removed from the perrera to commemorate Dia del Galgo. Expresso is available for adoption in Italy. For information, please contact

    At the end of December, GDS heard of an overcrowded and underfunded perrera a few hours away. The conditions were very rough and many of the dogs had serious medical conditions. GDS went to take out 10 or so and returned with 28. Then, to mark Dia del Galgo on February 1st, GDS returned and took out 13 more but sadly, had to leave many pods and galgos behind. It only took Tina a day to decide to return to take out the remaining 17.

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    Application to Adopt EXPRESSO IN ITALY

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