Early days at GDS.
Bart and Lisa when found.
  • BART

    Gender: Male
    Breed: Puppy/Teen
    Date of Birth: 22/07/21
    Date Rescued: November 2021

    UPDATE: We had a scare with Bart who had trouble breathing one day and was rushed off to the hospital. All is fine now, an issue related to a tick bite, and he is really coming along since being in hospital and being handled every day he’s started to trust even more. We are taking him out on walks and it’s definitely work in progress. He really wants to trust and we are seeing huge steps forward as he isn’t trying run away from us and cower. He will need an experienced home with other dogs. Just a young guy whose start in life was really rotten, who will show Bart what the sweet life looks like? Please contact us for more information. (Not available for adoption in the UK.)

    Bart and his sister Lisa found refuge in an outdoor kennel on an industrial estate but they couldn’t be caught by hand. We were able to trap them and discovered that the two were miserable and gumbly with horrendous mange. The two were treated and their fur has grown back beautifully. Bart and Lisa have a ways to go in terms of sociability but we are confident that they will come around. We are experienced with this type of behavior and we know that with patience and kindness former feral pups become the best companions.

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