In 2007, Tina Solera, her husband and two young children moved to Spain to escape the infamous British weather. 

Having travelled extensively to explore location options, the Solera's chose Spain as the place to raise their children with the climate suitable to their interests in athletics, track and competitive swimming. Little did Tina realize, upon moving to Spain, that she would make the decision that would change her life forever. In addition, she changed the lives of thousands of dogs desperately in need of help.

Always an animal lover, Tina could not tolerate the treatment of the Spanish galgos, a traditional hunting dog breed, and decided to devote herself to their rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming. The galgos with their indomitable spirits, needle-noses and spider-legs, completely captured her heart. One galgo rescued, gave way to another and another until it became clear that the Solera household was vastly undersized for the number of dogs that needed help. There were nights that Tina slept in her car with a newly rescued galgo simply because there wasn't any more room.

With no prior experience in running a non-profit organization, Tina established Galgos del Sol (GDS), a legal Spanish charity, and became proficient in the Spanish language. With the generous offer of the use of their property, the home of Gaynor and Les Davies become the first site of GDS. Les built the kennels and Gaynor provided care for the dogs. Without their initial help, Tina acknowledges that GDS would not be where it is today. Murcia, the area in which the Soleras reside, is a prolific hunting ground making the demands on GDS relentless.

Never one to turn her back on a dog in need, Tina’s commitment is evident by the thousands that she has rehomed in Europe and North America. In addition to her rescue efforts, Tina has also generated public awareness programs including a billboard series as well as initiating an education program in local schools to promote the care of and respect for hunting dogs. Organizations of this scope cannot function without physical and monetary support, Tina is extremely grateful to devoted friends who tirelessly partner with her to save the galgos and promote their cause. (scroll down to see our affiliate organizations and a list of our stalwart volunteers)

Thanks to the generosity and support of our donors the Galgos del Sol Education and Rescue Centre is fully functional and growing! After years of having the dogs in three different locations at one time, they are now housed in one protected and legally approved facility. The 190+ dogs reside in two kennel blocks with indoor/outdoor access and piped in music; there are also exercise areas, a sensory walk for stimulation and an agility area for training. There is also a residence for the full-time onsite volunteers, an education building for the school age community programs, a quarantine block with six kennels, a free standing kitchen and a puppy block in process. The GDS local and international volunteer program has proved a great success for socializing the dogs. GDS strives to provide the very best for the dogs while they are waiting to be adopted into their forever homes.

A seventeen minute film by Alex C. Rivera


GDS would be nothing without all of you! 

GIN UK (Greyhounds in Need UK) have supported GDS almost from the beginning. Founded by the late Anne and the late Arthur Finch, Anne is an inspiration to Tina. GIN UK is run by great people who are complete professionals. 

They have been instrumental in the way that GDS  functions and we cannot thank them enough for their support and financial help. GIN has made, and continues to make, a huge difference to the galgos in Spain.

There are also a number of volunteers, locally and foreign, who have been with us through thick and thin — floods, mice, pooh, flat tires, rivers of urine — who have never strayed from their commitment to the dogs. You guys know who you are and we love you!

Currently we only adopt to the following countries. For more information, please use relevant contact information:

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Foreningen for galgoer i nød

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 Needle Nose Crafters
• Dutch Galgo Lobby
• Erssie Knits
• GIN (Greyhounds in Need UK)

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