The new family!

The new family!

  Baby Valerie!

Heavily pregnant Veronique before she was rescued by GDS.



Age: Young
Gender: Female

GDS was alerted to a horrendous situation where a heavily pregnant podenco was discovered. A farmer kept several dogs in deplorable conditions lying in their own waste and kept on short chains without food or water. GDS denounced him but it was days before the police gave us permission to remove little Veronique. During that time she had given birth to several pups but when we were finally allowed to rescue her, only one pup, now named Valerie, remained. Veronique is a lovely girl, affectionate and very grateful that she was removed from the hell hole where she had spent the first part of her young life.

*Update — Veronique is now mothering four foundling podenco babies! Seven new born pod pups were left in a bag by a river and by the time they were found by a kind woman, two had drowned. GDS worried that the remaining five would not survive with bottle feeding alone. With a hope and a prayer, Tina introduced them to Valerie who took to them immediately, as far as she is concerned, they are her babies! Sadly, one died a day after being with Veronique but the others are holding their own and Valerie couldn't be happier.

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