Date of birth: 17/10/2011
Gender: Female

Triana and Paloma were handed in by their galguero. A tall impressive galga, Triana loves to run and play. She´s great with humans, loves everyone including male and female dogs. She can be a little tense with new dogs in the beginning, but loves to play and cuddle with them as soon as she gets to know them. She is used to living in a pack of different galgos and would be most comfortable in a home with other dogs. As Triana became settled with us, her tail became too happy and had to be amputated. However, it has not prevented her from wagging madly and being happy! UPDATE: Triana has been diagnosed with cancer. Tina has moved her into the Solera home so that Triana can enjoy her last months with a loving family, being spoiled and enjoying boundless treats. 

I would like to donated to Triana's bucket list!