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Galgos del Sol Sophie Ryder Bronze Raffle!

Internationally renowned artist Sophie Ryder has donated The “Me and My Five Babies” bronze sculpture for the benefit of Galgos del Sol! The bronze is 31x40x12cm (12x16x5 in) and valued at £6000 in galleries. We are offering runner up prizes too: two signed “Sophie Ryder—A Life in Sculpture” book, four signed posters, two aprons, six tee shirts, two mugs and possibly more! One hundred percent of proceeds will go to GDS.

Take a chance — 20e/$25/£18  donation per ticket!


Be sure to mark your donation for RAFFLE. If you don’t receive a ticket by email from us with details, please let us know by emailing Raffle winnings to go towards funding a building to withstand floods for on-site volunteers.

Sophie will be visiting GDS December 4-10th and will be drawing the winners onsite! Closing date to purchase tickets is December 6, 2017.

For more information about Sophie Ryder, her love of sighthounds and integration into her work: