Age: 18 months (as of March 2016)
Gender: Male

Rocky arrived to GDS in early March. He was living with a galguero over an hour away. As part of our education programme his galguero didn't abandon him but drove him to us and made a donation towards his vets bills. We had to say no a few weeks earlier as we are so over run but luckily for Rocky he held onto him. No, we are not rewarding the galguero, this dog was his responsibility but for Rocky's sake his fate could have been different and we are happy for him he is safe with us. It's a small step forward to change whilst hunting with galgos is still legal. Rocky arrived covered in fleas, ticks and had terrible worms. Education is making a difference but there is still a long way to go. He is a sweet fun guy who gets lead walked everyday. Good with other dogs, gentle with people and smiles with his teeth in a non aggressive manner.

Yes, I am interested in Rocky!