Zoe loves agility training!!!!


Date of birth: 01/09/14
Gender: Female

How did GDS come to rescue Zoe, a Staffordshire Terrier? GDS director Tina was driving one night and spotted a dog running scared. She pulled over, leapt out of the car and run to tackle the dog. When she brought the dog into the car, it was apparent that her catch was not a galgo but an enthusiastic and grateful Staffy. Adorable Zoe with her massive grin loves people more than just about anything and is ready for a home of her own. She is medium sized; we believe that she can be homed with another dog within the right circumstances. Zoe is loving the attention of the volunteers, walks great on a lead and is a champ at the agility training. This girl needs a chance — she adores people!

Yes, I am interested in Zoe!