Date of birth: 01/01/15
Gender: Female

Jemina is available for adoption in the USA! 

For information, please contact galgosdelsolusa@gmail.com

If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you will have seen that Jimena escaped from her new home after 48 hours and was running scared for almost two weeks. After days and nights put in by volunteers, she was finally trapped thanks to the diligence of Nomi and Kim who wait out all night after night. Many have asked about what happens to Jemina now. She (and we) are currently resting and recovering from the trauma of her escapade but we hope very soon to find her another forever home. What we would like to clarify is that although we originally thought that she had jumped a two metre fence, we now know that the situation was different. We only mention it as we are keen to find her a lovely new home and we don’t want potential adopters to be put off by thinking that she is a high jumper.

Rescued from the streets.