Grantus appears in this video!


Age:  05/05/15
Gender: Male

Grantus was rescued from the streets with Snuggles and Ines. His mange has been treated but he is extremely scared. Grantus is by far our most shut down dog here at GDS. So much so that he's been prescribed prozac to help him out. He never left his bed, always hid his face from you, trembled and just peed and poo'd himself if you came too close. Now with the help of Lynda from Taylor Made Dog Training who is mentoring Nomi, we are starting to see Grantus come out of his safe area and get vocal. Today he was out and even when Tina entered he did not run immediately to his bed, although he did after 10 seconds or so. Huge steps for Grantus, keep going buddy and well done Lynda and Nomi, its so great to see this. 

PN he is not castrated yet as he was sick when he arrived and we've been unable to move him. He was born on the streets to mum Ines and we feel the vet visit to be operated is too much right now

Yes, I am interesting in sponsoring or adopting Grantham!