Date of birth: 03/23/13
Gender: Male

Brandon is from the litter of seven feral puppies whose mother had been killed. Tina got a call that the puppies were running in fields and into the road. It took Tina and many volunteers two weeks to gather them all up. All the litter mates, with the exception of Brandon and his sister Geraldine, have been adopted. Both are striking dogs but very shy. Brandon is starting to relax more and is curious about people. He now takes food from peoples' hands through the bars as well as taking food from hands of those he knows. He loves going in the exercise yard and although he's not fully confident we know he secretly would love to pluck up full courage for a big cuddle. 

Brandon has been with us almost three years and it's a crying shame. He was born on the streets and is pretty much still feral despite doing our best to bring him around. Nina is going to be working extra hard with him soon to prepare him as best as possible for a new home. Mum was a galga and got hit by a car whilst trying to protect her puppies on the streets; she sadly died. We believe dad was a Mastin. He's ready to start the rest of his life...  

Yes, I am interested in Brandon!